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  • Name : Rev. Antonysil Abraham
  • Designation : Founder
  • Phone : +44 7576230033
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Hello, I’m Rev. Antonysil Abraham

Prime Ministries is a Christian Organisation with a Mission to enlighten the world through the true gospel (good news) of God which will bring true love, peace and harmony to the whole world. We are wholly dependent on the word of God and everything that we do is based on the truth of God.

I am Rev. Antonysil Abraham, the founder of Prime Ministries. We are so grateful for the salvation of God, which is the greatest gift of all. When I was a small boy, I began to think about all the problems and impossibilities which were around me. Then God revealed to me that He is the Love and He operates only by grace. I have learned that His finished work at the cross had completed everything that I ever need, this revelation helped me to overcome every impossibility in my life. Thereafter wherever I go for ministry, the salvation and the restoration of God takes over.

God called me to teach the true Gospel of God and to bring the right understanding about Him to the whole world, with great prominence on the finished work of Jesus Christ, which came through His unconditional love and the abundant grace. Greatest truth that He has revealed unto me is that, He has perfected us forever through one offering (Hebrew 10:14). And we are complete in Him (Colossians 2:10). And everything has become new through Jesus Christ Who reconciled us with God, and He has given us the Ministry of the reconciliation.